Our Services

We make money for your campaign. Advertising has to generate income as a profit making mechanism to your business products and services. The objective of all campaigns is to realise the best possible response combined with the best possible buys passing the savings on to you.

Years of experience in Advertising and Marketing. Our Knowledge of the media gives you the best advertising advice and purchase benefits. We have the contacts to deliver you results.

Skilled Negotiation Benefits. Understanding the media and what add on benefits can be introduced delivers more for your advertising dollar with premium placement and sponsorship opportunities.


Creative Talent. Every campaign will have the best creative minds available with the focus on Advertising that works. We enlist the services of the most creative freelance talent to strengthen a campaigns feel and effectivness.

Quality image to your campaigns. Emphasis on quality gives your product the image that it deserves. DM has the policy that our clients deserve Good advertising that works as opposed to the alternative. Prestige Image instils customer confidence and appeal together with longevity.

Hands on Service. Your account will be personally serviced by Kym Dellow or Bronwyn Peterson with special attention to all of your advertising needs.


TV – our immense experience with negotiating rates and the psychographic knowledge of commercial placement make us the obvious choice for your on air campaigns. Our TVC production expertise and years of television experience will give your campaign the stand out edge required to deliver you results.

Press – experience with all facets of press production using the latest technology and techniques delivering cost savings and speed to your ad requirements. Working with our team of press layout artists and qualified computer design specialists we provide the latest look and efficiency to your campaigns.


Radio – we know radio. Our creative experience and campaign placement knowledge make your message heard the loudest.

Printing – our post trade qualifications in offset, letterpress, flexo-graphic and rotary processes bring to you the best design, production and quotes possible.

Production - preparation of all your production requirements with the creative flair of DM and our freelance associates will make your company, product and services stand out from the rest.


"Nothing works effectively without attention to your needs. Dellow Marketing places the highest priority on constant contact and the relay of information back to you regularly. You will be kept abreast of the latest innovations and industry advertising proposals, keeping you in tune with what is available. Thus ensuring that all opportunities are considered."

We understand that you know your business better than any one else does. By gathering your information and needs and taking care not to lose sight of


the key benefits, we develop a creative strategy campaign that presents your product as the best in your field.

We work closely with you presenting concepts that meet your requirements and is creatively effective to your audience.

Together with our own creative talents we employ the services of the best creative people available to suit your campaign.

Placement and Invoicing

All bookings are made through THEM Communications with up to date survey analysis and post analysis provided. We have the most powerful buying power connected through their negotiated rate system. And over and above we also renegotiate your buys. Special attention is made to maximising the effectiveness of your advertising dollar.


Costs for production are presented prior to commencement with no hidden extras.

Our income is from media commissions plus an approved service fee. All clients are credit insured and accounts through THEM Communications.